Here’s My Story

Billy Hughes

I am Billy Hughes, and I work as a fitness trainer in New York.

I have always been associated with fitness and sports.

Starting from school, I used to spend most of my time in sports and athletics. I was captain of the football team and used to play for the clubs extensively.

The morning routines with Coach John were what brought me close to fitness as a lifestyle.

His training was restricted to the game and the larger idea of integrating fitness into sleep, food, and interpersonal relationships.

Thus, I started my journey of being a fitness advocate. I first started with bringing changes to my own life and seeing what was more sustainable.

Then, I started working at a fitness center, working under coaches. I soon realized that fitness was not just about building muscles and toning the body.

Many clients who came to the center wanted to turn to fitness to remedy underlying issues like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

In today’s world, more and more folks are turning to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Gym, Yoga, and Recreation Centre’s have all been booming and have been health brands. It could be attributed to a more and more young population. 

However, with the pandemic that struck the world community, many grappled with eating and sleeping clean. I saw many of my clients struggle to stay indoors and motivate themselves to get up and work out.

Of course, a fitness center with more people and the environment is better than keeping one in a routine. Thus, as a trainer myself, I had the challenge to get my clients to train and be regular.

Moreover, Covid-19 also had a tremendous psychological impact on people. 

I thus wanted fitness to be the tool through which people could channel their energy better. Therefore, I started developing an indoor fitness module, with and without equipment.

I soon realized that it was working well with my clients, and people were getting back to working out regularly.

Today, in the post-pandemic world, I see most people willingly wanting to keep fitness as an indoor activity to be safe and get accustomed to the new normal.

They are transforming spaces in their homes into working-out areas. Many are also wanting to invest in equipment. 

There have been a lot of models emerging in the equipment market. Unfortunately, many of my clients thus become confused about choosing and utilizing indoor equipment to their best use. 

So, I embarked on creating this space,, delving into indoor fitness, gear, exercises on different equipment.

It serves as a one-stop guide for all fitness enthusiasts who have gone indoor to make their fitness regimes. I cover various topics and the associated benefits. For example, I focus on indoor cycling as an excellent means to get a whole body workout.

Spin bikes, in particular, are considered effective in improving metabolism, boosting energy, and working out the major muscles. Moreover, they provide the required scope for both high and low-intensity workouts. 

Welcome to the community!