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Best Sports Bra For Spin Bike Sessions

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Best Overall: Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Short summary

This woman’s sports bra strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort.

Here’s what to know about it.


  • This sports bra gives you the support you need and it’s ideal for spinning because it’s been designed for medium-intensity workouts.
  • Its cups are breathable and soft, both of which help to give you coverage and comfort.
  • As a bonus, the cups are removable. They come with R&L arrows so that you can put them back into the bra if you like without a problem. This feature also makes this the best sports bra for large breasts.
  • The bra’s straps are of the crossover variety. This not only makes the bra fashionable but promises increased comfort during exercise.
  • This Under Armour sports bra has a smooth double layer of HeatGear construction that further contributes to its ease of use and comfort.
  • This sports bra comes in a variety of colors, such as green, yellow, white, blue, grey, and black.
  • You can get this best high-impact sports bra in a variety of sizes, from X-Small all the way up to XX-Large.


  • Despite its many size options, this sports bra is best for women who have A to C cup sizes.
  • Some women have said the bra runs too tight.

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Best Overall
Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Runner Up: Champion Women's Spot Comfort Sports Bra

Short summary

This best supportive sports bra has been specifically designed for high-intensity workouts, so you’re sure to get the support you need from it when you wear it for spin class.

Here’s what to know about its features.


  • This bra is available in a range of sizes – from 34C all the way up to 42DDD.
  • It comes in a variety of colors, such as blue, grey, red, purple and more, to match your personal style.
  • This bra has a convenient hook and eye closure for ease of use.
  • It has a breathable mesh panel in the front for increased comfort.
  • Its adjustable straps are gel infused and designed to be wider so that they feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra with straps that keep digging into your skin!
  • This sports bra has molded cups. This not only ensures greater support but maintains a feminine shape, which is why it’s the best push up sports bra on the market.
  • It can be washed in the washing machine, which makes it convenient to maintain.


  • Some women who have purchased this sports bra have reported that it has a seam which runs inside the cups that’s very itchy.
  • Others have said that the bra runs small, so that’s something to bear in mind when purchasing it online. You might have to go up a size.

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Best Overall
Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Alternative #1: nine bull Womens High Impact Sports Bra

Short summary

This bra is said to be comfortable enough for everyday use.

Here’s what to know about it and if you should invest in it.


  • This bra is designed to look like a crop tank top, thanks to the wide band it has underneath its cups. This has the effect of molding your body.
  • With its stretchy and breathable fabric, this bra is sure to keep you comfortable during long gym sessions. It’s also sweat-wicking, so you’ll stay dry during vigorous spin sessions or when working out on a hot summer’s day.
  • It comes with a racerback design that ensures the bra won’t move around.
  • This bra is ideal for low- to high-intensity activity, so it’s your perfect go-to bra whenever you want to hit the gym.
  • For increased wearability, this bra enables you to remove its padding if you prefer. This helps you to find the most comfortable fit when you need it and makes the bra more versatile.
  • People who have purchased this sports bra have reported that it doesn’t tend to ride up like some other bras, therefore maintaining a level of comfort and support throughout your exercise session.
  • This sports bra has been made with material that feels super-soft against your skin, which will make you feel comforted and luxurious whenever you wear it.


  • The bra’s sizing is a bit inconsistent, as women who have purchased this bra have reported.
  • It’s been said that this bra is a bit difficult to put on and remove because it doesn’t have much stretchy fabric in its design.

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Best Overall
Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Alternative #2: Nike Women's Sports Bra Flyknit

Short summary

If you exercise regularly, you’ll want to buy sports bras that never let you down.

They should keep you dry, comfortable, and give you enough stretch.

This one by Nike is worth splurging on. Here’s why.


  • This Nike women’s sports bra offers support as well as stretch so that you get all the benefits of a compressed bra with little bounce and a more secure feeling. This is as a result of its Flyknit technology.
  • It comes with moulded cups to keep your breasts comfortable and maintain your body shape.
  • This best support sports bra has an almost seamless design so that it feels comfortable and won’t get in the way of your exercise.
  • It’s got a snug fit to hug your body while offering a large amount of support. This is especially beneficial if you have large breasts.
  • The flyknit fabric of the bra is sweat-wicking to keep you comfortable.
  • Even though the bra looks thick, it’s very easy to put on and feels light.
  • This best sports bra has racerback straps. These follow the curves of your shoulder blades so that your arms can move freely and without feeling restricted. This is ideal for when you’re taking part in sports or adding upper-body workouts to your spin sessions.


  • This sports bra is quite expensive.

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Best Overall
Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Alternative #3: Carole Martin Wireless Racerback Sport Bra

Short summary

If you want to buy a bra that feels soft and luxurious to wear, you’ll love this one.

But, is it worth wearing it to gym class and when exercising at home? Here’s what you need to know.


  • This best sports bra is a slip-on or pullover bra that’s easy to get into and feels really easy to remove. You don’t have to worry about fumbling with its closure at the end of a tiring spin session!
  • It’s made with very soft microfibre and stretch fabric.
  • It offers wide coverage to hug your body in a snug fit that feels comfortable.
  • With its wide shoulder straps, you won’t get shoulder pain when wearing this sports bra.
  • The open U-back design of this sports bra will also prevent back strain after vigorous exercise.
  • It’s a wireless bra for increased comfort.


  • This bra doesn’t come with any padding.
  • It doesn’t offer enough support for high-intensity workouts.

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Best Overall
Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

Sports Bra For Spin Bike FAQ

By now you might be wondering if you can just use a regular bra that offers good support for your next spin session. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing sports bras and why they’re so important.

Do you need a sports bra for spinning?


girls spinning class

You might think that you can wear a bra you already have and use for other types of exercise for your spinning sessions, but the problem with this is that it might not provide you with enough of the features you need for cycling specifically.

For example, a sports bra that you wear for gentle exercise, such as yoga, doesn’t offer as much support as what you’d require for a medium-impact exercise like spinning or Zumba class.

The general rule is that whenever you use your body more, you’ll need to ensure your bra offers you more support. Otherwise, you could find that your chest is not supported enough or comfortable, which will get in the way of your cycling session.

In addition, you want to wear a sports bra for spinning as these bras are usually made of moisture-wicking materials to ensure that you don’t feel sweaty during long sessions or when it’s hot. This just contributes to your overall comfort and performance.

Is it bad to just wear a sports bra?

If you love the support you get from wearing a sports bra, you might not want to only wear it in the gym or when you’re cycling on your stationary bike at home. And you don’t have to!

You can wear a sports bra in public and this is becoming more common. This type of bra is more comfortable than a regular bra because of how it usually has wider and thicker straps to give you support and coverage, and this makes it appealing to wear all the time.

However, there are some important things to bear in mind. You shouldn’t wear a sports bra every day. This can result in unpleasant side effects, especially if it’s too tight. Sports bras are generally snug-fitting, which is why it’s a good idea to wear them when you’re working out and need the extra support but then you should switch over to a looser-fitting bra afterwards.

If you choose to wear your sports bra all day every day, this could result in weaker back muscles, bad posture, and shoulder pain (via RealSimple). In addition to that, you can end up with skin irritation from your bra because of its snug fit that traps sweat and bacteria. This irritation could take the form of rashes and fungal infections.

Can sports bras flatten breasts?


Woman riding on stationary bicycle

Earlier, we talked about how sports bras are generally snug. This can make them compress your breasts. Generally, a sports bra will squash your breasts so that they look smaller in size, however this is nothing permanent.

This compression is beneficial for helping you to properly support your breasts during high-intensity exercise and prevent a downward pull of the breasts on the chest. Choosing the correct size is important to ensure that you feel supported but not restricted.

It’s also worth mentioning that how sports bras are designed has changed a lot over the years. It used to be the case that sports bras would have a lot of compression in them by default, meaning that they would alter the appearance of your breasts. If you had large breasts, you’d look like you had a uni-boob, and if you had smaller breasts you’d look flat-chested.

Many modern sports bras are designed to support your breasts and enhance your breast shape instead of making them look flat. For example, you can find sports bras that have molded cups to give you support and maintain a feminine body shape. You can find this feature in the Champion women’s sport comfort full support sports bra in our reviews.

Another important feature to look for in a sports bra if you’re worried about compressed breasts is padding to give you shape. It’s a bonus if you can remove the padding, such as in the case of the Under Armour women’s HeatGear sports bra we featured in our reviews.

Based on the above, there are actually three different types of sports bras to know about.

Compression Bra

A compression bra compresses your breast against your chest so that they are flat. This prevents them from moving around. Compression bras don’t have cups in their design that support the breasts individually. The best compression sports bra will have comfortable, wide straps for increased comfort.

Encapsulation Bra

An encapsulation bra does have cups. These surround the breasts individually in a similar way to a regular bra. An encapsulation bra doesn’t make use of compression. This is why it’s ideal for you if you engage in low-impact exercise. You’ll also like that your natural body shape will be maintained by this type of sports bra.

Compression-Encapsulation Bra

This type of bra is a blend of both of the above sports bras. It basically offers both features: compression and comfort. A compression-encapsulation bra will usually contain an inner layer that offers cupped support as well as an outer layer that compresses your breasts. If you want to gain good support for high-intensity activities but you want to maintain the shape of your breasts, then this bra is a good way to achieve both.

When choosing a sports bra, make sure you take advantage of all its benefits by ensuring that you wear the correct size. Here are some signs that you’re wearing the incorrect bra size:

  • You feel like your breasts move around in the bra cups.
  • You feel like your breasts bulge out of the sides of the bra or the cups.
  • The bra’s band keeps moving up your back, or its underwire or seams hurt your rib cage.
  • Your bra always leaves behind painful marks on your skin. This is a clear sign that it’s the incorrect size.
  • You never feel comfortable when wearing a sports bra. If this is something you’ve experienced, it could be that you’re not wearing the correct bra size.

While knowing your regular bra size is important to ensure you get a bra that’s the most comfortable fit, you should not just be taking your cup size into account. The band size of the bra is also important. Here are some measurements you need to take of your breasts to help you choose a sports bra that fits you the best.

  1. Measure your rib cage, placing the measuring tape right underneath your bust. You should round the number down to the closest inch.
  2. Use the above ribcage measurement to find your band size. If your measurement is between 25 and 27 inches, your band size is 30. For 27 to 29 inches, your band size is 32. For 29 to 31 inches, your band size is 34, while for 31 to 33 inches, your band size will be 26. You can find out about larger sizes on the REI website.
  3. Now, you should find your cup size. Start by measuring all around the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is lined straight across your back. Round up the measurement to the nearest whole number.
  4. Subtract the measurement of your rib cage that you took earlier from your bust measurement. The difference is a number in inches that will be your cup size. So, if you have a measurement of three inches, your cup size is AA, if you have a measurement of four inches, your cup size is A, and five inches is a cup size of B. If you have a measurement of six inches, your cup size is C, and seven inches means your cup size is D. You can find out more by visiting the REI website.

Can I wear a regular bra to the gym?


bra for weights training

Although it might seem convenient to wear a regular bra to the gym instead of changing it for a sports bra, this is not a good idea.

Regular bras that you wear every day don’t offer enough in terms of support for moderate or intense workouts. In fact, even if you’re engaging in low-impact exercise, such as stretching, you might feel discomfort or tension in the shoulder area because of how the bra isn’t supporting your body effectively.

If you don’t support your breasts by wearing a sports bra, this could do permanent damage to your breasts. Your breasts have what’s known as Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments are unable to repair themselves and not supporting them with the use of a sports bra can lead to breast sagging.

If you are recovering from a recent breast surgery, you will benefit from wearing a sports bra (specifically a compression bra) as it is supportive enough to reduce your movements, therefore helping you to recover and prevent injuries.

If you sweat a lot during exercise, you’re not going to feel comfortable wearing a regular bra. A sports bra usually has moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that’s designed to help you feel more confident and less uncomfortable so you can continue your workout without a problem.

A sports bra will also have other important features to ensure you can achieve all the exercise you want without feeling held back. These include wide, supportive straps that won’t fall off your shoulders or dig into your skin.


If you want to improve your performance at the gym, you need to ensure you wear the right gear.

When packing your sports bag, be sure to throw a sports bra in there! This has many benefits, as we’ve seen in this guide, such as preventing discomfort and injury.

We’ve also looked at five of the best sports bras for spin bike sessions to buy, featuring their pros and cons so you can choose the one that will make you perform at your peak during your next indoor cycling class.


Under Armour Women's HeatGear Crossback Sports Bra

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