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Best Indoor Cycling Apps To Take Your Workout To The Next Level


Billy Hughes
August 17, 2021

If you’re working out alone at home, you know that it can become lonely and boring.

You don’t have to experience that anymore if you purchase a cycling app.

What does a cycling app do?

A cycling app allows you to record and track your cycling routes while also enabling you to connect with fellow athletes. 

With that in mind, let’s view the best cycling apps that are worth your time and money. These will inject new life into your next indoor cycling session at home. 

6 Best Indoor Cycling Apps To Download 


About Zwft App

Zwift is a popular indoor cycling app that has loads of features you’ll love. You can easily add routes to your cycling session thanks to how it allows you to have a virtual cycling world at your fingertips.

You can enter virtual worlds such as imaginary routes designed by the app or those simulating real-world places, such as London and New York. You’ll be able to join group rides and races, and enjoy some structured workouts.

The app comes with an interactive training video game, too. This allows you to cycle your way to getting a cooler bike and kit while riding a variety of routes. You’ll also get to customize an avatar.

One days when you want to make use of free riding, you can go ahead and ride your bike at your own speed and pace. By having a smart trainer that’s been paired as a controllable trainer, the resistance of your cycling will be adapted to mimic the terrain on Zwift.

Compatible with: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Apple TV.

Cost: Zwift costs $14.99 but it comes with a seven-day trial period.
What do you need to run Zwift? You’ll need your bike, trainer or set of rollers, ANT+ or Bluetooth measurement tool (such as smart trainer), and a computer or other device that has Bluetooth or ANT+.  


rouvy application

This app has a ton of features to enjoy if you want to make your indoor cycling session feel more interesting. You’ll get to enjoy more than 2,500 video and GPS cycling routes and enjoy augmented reality. From the comfort of your home gym, you’ll be able to feel like you’re cycling in iconic places, such as Kona and Stelvio Pass.

You’ll love how you can create your own workout or choose one that’s in the app’s library on days when you’re in a rush. If you want to be able to monitor and analyze your cycling session later, you’ll be able to do so, and this includes pedal analysis if you have a compatible power meter.

If you’re tired of cycling on your own all the time, you’ll be able to join group rides, events, races, and challenges. You can also use Rouvy for other exercises, such as running on your treadmill, which makes it versatile.

Compatible with: Apple TV, iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows 10.

Cost: $12 per month or $144 per month, with 14-day free trial.
What do you need to run Rouvy? Your smart bike or a bike with indoor trainer or rollers, a device to run the app, and a device to measure power or speed. If you want to use ANT+,  you’ll need ANT and a USB dongle. 



TrainerRoad is a great app to use if you want a no-frills approach to indoor cycling. You’ll be able to subscribe to your training plans and do spontaneous workouts whenever you want. The app’s interface is simple and easy to use, so it’s ideal for beginners.

TrainerRoad allows you to track various elements of your cycling sessions, such as your trends and training stress. Best of all, it’s been designed to make you faster. This is as a result of how it uses power-based interval training, and it works if you’re training indoors or outdoors, alone or in a group.

If you’re working towards a goal, such as an event or race, you can use the custom Plan Builder feature to plan your cycling season and it also incorporates times that you’ll be off your bike, such as if you’re going on a holiday. When you get back on your bike you’ll be able to progress towards your goal with an achievable plan right at your fingertips.

If you want to cycle with people virtually, you’ll love the Group Workout feature. This lets cyclists follow the same workout and there’s even a group video chat to enjoy.

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS. 

Cost: $19.95 per month (or, $189 per year)
What do you need to run TrainerRoad?  You’ll need your bike, a bike trainer, and a computer or compatible Android/iOS device. You’ll also need an ANT+ dongle to connect your ANT+ device. 

The Sufferfest

sufferest logo app

With a name like Sufferfest, how could you not check out this app? It blends personalized workouts with mental, strength, and yoga training. This offers a comprehensive fitness plan to help you reach your goals as an athlete.

This app is the only one on the market that uses your full power profile in order to personalize your workouts so you get what you need to become better. It’s like having a coach with you every step of the way.

Sufferfest allows you to work out at the same intensity you need to cycle faster and become stronger. This means you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your cycling sessions when you’re at home. 

You’ll also be able to make use of a variety of structured video workouts that offer unlimited streaming. They’ve all been created by top coaches and you can choose from a variety of workouts, such as climbing, racing simulation, endurance, and time trials, to mention just a few.

Don’t forget to immerse yourself in exciting real-world races, such as the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, and Spring Classics. After your session, you’ll be able to check your vital stats, such as power, cadence, and heart rate. These are displayed in user-friendly graphs. 

Compatible with: iOS, Windows, macOS

Cost: $14.99 per month (or, $129 per year) but it offers a 14-day free trial.
What do you need to run TheSufferfest? You’ll need a device to run the app, a bike, a trainer, and an ANT+ receiver.


fulgaz training

FulGaz is an app that makes use of real ride footage so that it responds to your cycling efforts at home. It has 4k footage that’s been filmed from the bike’s handlebars to make your cycling so much more immersive.

FulGaz utilizes real elevation data so the smart trainer will match whatever you’re viewing on the screen. The result? Realistic and beautiful rides. 

On the app, you can plan private group cycling sessions with your friends on any route. If you love making use of training programs while you cycle solo, on the other hand, you’ll enjoy the quality programs that are included in your subscription. FulGaz hosts cycling events from all over the world so you’ll be able to enjoy tours, challenge series, and more.

One of the things you’ll really love about this app is that you’ll be able to use full integration with Training Peaks and Today’s plan so you can sync your cycling sessions with the app and upload it back to your training platform. 

Compatible with: Mac, Windows, iOS, Apple TV, Android.
Cost: $12.99 per month or $108.99 per year. 

What do you need to run FulGaz? To get started with FulGaz, you’ll need your bike, trainer, device to run the app, and ANT+ device. Note that the FulGaz app for Mac currently doesn’t support ANT+devices, only Bluetooth. 


training sessions with bkool app

This indoor cycling app brings the outdoors into your home so you can – almost – feel the breeze on your skin. BKool lets you create a virtual route and upload it to the app’s simulator so you can have an outdoor workout that you’re used to and which you enjoy right in the comfort of your home.

To further customize your ride, you’ll be able to choose to either use it in video, map, or real-image view. If you don’t want to use your own cycling route, you’ll have approximately 500,000 others to choose from, with cycling routes from various places in the world, such as Bangkok, New York, and Copenhagen.

To make your cycling sessions more fun, you can also adjust the outdoor elements in the simulations, such as by changing the weather conditions or cycling in night mode.

If you want to put your performance to the test and make your cycling more competitive, BKool offers multiplayer challenges and leagues throughout the year. Just like with Zwift, you can customize your avatar on BKool to make it feel like you’re playing a video game – it’s fun to  choose to cycle with a 3D avatar!

Compatibility: Android, Mac, iOS, PC.
Cost: $11.86 per month or $113.93 per year.
What do you need to run BKool? You need your bike/indoor trainer, a device and ANT+/BLE bridge receiver, as well as a smart trainer.

How To Choose The Best Cycling App 

While cycling apps tend to have similar features, such as when it comes to offering real-world races and immersive experiences, it’s worth considering what your cycling goals are so that you can choose the best app.

For example, do you want to track your fitness or do you want a beautiful ride to enjoy on a screen to keep boredom at bay? Or,  perhaps you’re a racer and you want to know lots of important data about your fitness, such as how much you’ve been improving since last season. 

It’s also important to consider what roads you’d like to virtually cycle on so that you get the best experience from the cycling app. If you don’t have a cycling route you love in real life, you should make the most of an app that provides beautiful routes to enjoy.

On the other hand, if you love your daily cycling route when you pedal outdoors, an app that enables you to upload that ride and enjoy it when you’re in the house can be valuable to make you feel that you’re not missing out by cycling indoors.

Finally, consider if you’d prefer to ride on your own or connect with fellow cyclists and possibly even compete with them. If you’re a solo cyclist, you should choose an app that gives you the chance to plan your route so you can feel completely in control of your cycling.

On the other hand, if you want to add a social element to your indoor cycling, you should choose an app that will enable you to race other cyclists, plan routes with your friends, and even video chat with others. 

Related Questions 

What is Strava?

strava app activation

Strava is a cycling tracker that monitors your cycling performance by giving you info such as your pace and distance. You can also use it to set cycling goals. It’s available on both Android and iPhone.

How can you map your ride when outdoors?

Choose Komoot, which uses an open-source OpenStreetMap database, to help you plan your bike rides. It finds the most efficient bike route, such as roads that are bike friendly.

What is ANT+?

In case you don’t know, ANT+ is wireless technology that enables your monitoring devices to communicate with each other. 


If you want to make your indoor cycling workouts more interesting and prevent fitness plateaus from cramping your style, you should invest in a cycling app.

In this article, we’ve featured the best indoor cycling apps to download to your device. We’ve also looked at some important things you should consider to ensure you purchase the best cycling apps that will work for you and your cycling habits.

Never have another boring indoor cycling session again!


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