Online Spin Classes And Are They Worth It

Best Online Spin Classes To Boost Your Workout


Billy Hughes
August 18, 2021

Using a spin bike is fun, but if you’re just starting out with spinning you might not know how to do it.

While a spin bike is a good piece of fitness equipment to have at home, it can also be lonely to go it alone. However, if you don’t want to attend real-life spin classes, you can take some online.

Are there free online spin classes?

There are tons of free spin classes you can take, and in this guide we’ve featured some from YouTube that are worth a watch.

There are also spin classes you can subscribe to that are packed with features. We’ve covered those too. So, get your heart pumping and your body feeling healthier by taking an online spin class – here’s our guide to the best ones.

Best Online Free Spin Classes

The Spin Junkie

training online with spin junkie

This YouTube channel offers free online spin classes for beginners, so it’s worth checking out as a whole. But, one of the best individual videos to try right away is the 15-minute HIIT spin session.

It’s perfect for people of all fitness levels, including those who have experience with spin classes. You’ll love the classic rock music that’s sure to motivate you through the session!

60-Minute Rhythm Ride

Have an hour to dedicate to a spin class? You’ll love this one that’s fun and intense. Led by Kristina Girod, owner of Power+Flow indoor cycling, this free spin class will make you feel amped to take your cycling session to a higher level.

It will also help you to see other people taking part in the session, so it will feel like you’re working out in the class with them. You can feel the energy from the screen, so thrive on it to push yourself harder and get a good workout. 

Best Subscription Online Spin Classes 

Studio Sweat OnDemand

studio sweat on demand

Studio Sweat OnDemand has a large library of online cycling classes and workouts you can enjoy. You’ll be able to stream the workouts to your device or TV and classes are added weekly. It’s great that the site offers a worldwide community of members.

For spin classes specifically, you’ll be able to make use of a variety of classes depending on your fitness level. You can find classes that are under 10 minutes all the way over 90 minutes, so you can fit them into your busy schedule. 

What’s great about Studio Sweat is that it recommends a Precor Spinner bike for the classes but it’s not essential to buy it. This is great because it gives you more flexibility. 

How much does it cost? You’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $19.88 or yearly fee of $188.56 to make use of Studio Sweat OnDemand. You can also try single classes to see if they’re a good fit for you by selecting the seven-day free trial. 

DigMe At Home

digme at home

If you love the idea of enjoying live spin classes in the comfort of your home, you should check out DigMe at Home. The instructors are focused on encouraging you to work out at your best without laying on the pressure, so you can take things at your own pace.

What’s nice is that they offer positive mantras, which will appeal to people who want a gentle, encouraging way to perform at their best. You’ll get to enjoy eight weekday spin sessions and seven that are available on weekends, and they’re all 45 minutes in length, so you’ll have tons to choose from when you want to boost your calorie burn.

You’ll also gain access to a library of spin classes that last between 30 and 45 minutes and aren’t filmed live. You can choose between music-based spin classes and those which are more traditional and allow you to focus on your RPM instead. 

How much does it cost? DigMe at Home costs £25 per month ($34.79) or you can pay as you go by purchasing individual classes for £6 ($8.35). You can also rent a Keiser m2i lite bike to use for your online classes which costs £69 per month ($96.02), and this will enable you to connect your bike to your DigMe profile in the DigMe interactive app.

CycleBar Go

cyclebar go

CycleBar is a popular spin studio that offers CycleBar Go, its digital alternative for people who want to spin at home. Simply subscribe to the app and you’ll gain access to a variety of recorded classes. But, you’ll also get to enjoy live classes to mix up your workouts.

The world-class instructors offer you a virtual environment where you’ll feel inspired and push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of class styles, such as those focusing on endurance, strength, and challenges.

The CycleBar app will give you stats about your workouts and you can even integrate it with your Apple Watch so you always feel in control of how your fitness is progressing over time. 

On the app, you will be able to see when your favorite cycling instructor is going to be teaching a class so you can always attend the ones that motivate you the most. 

How much does it cost? CycleBar Go costs $20 per month and comes with a seven-day free trial. 

How To Create And Enjoy Your Spin Sessions At Home

home traaining with online lessons

You’ll no doubt be feeling motivated to continue cycling on your spin bike at home after viewing some online spin classes, but it’s important to make the most of it.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to ensuring you’ve set yourself up for success in your home gym.

  • Take time to set up your bike. Before you start using your spin bike to get fitter and lose weight, you’ll need to ensure that it’s comfortable. Make sure you have the right saddle height and you’ve adjusted your handlebars. This will also prevent sluggishness during long rides. To find out more about how to adjust your bike, read our guide, “How To Adjust Your Spin Bike To Win When You Spin.” 
  • Get a mat for the bike. There’s nothing worse than your spin class at home being interrupted by your bike wobbling around. Invest in a mat that you can place underneath your spin bike to prevent that from happening and protect your floors.
  • Check your form. You won’t have an instructor guiding you, so you should ensure you have the right cycling technique. Keep your shoulders relaxed and pulled away from your ears. Your spine needs to be in a neutral position. Your core should be engaged so you get the best workout on your spin bike.
  • Consider your surroundings. No matter how great the live spin class looks on your streaming device, it’s not going to do much for you if you’re working out in a dark, cluttered environment. Check the room in which you spin to make sure that it’s conducive to a fun, mood-boosting workout. This could include moving your bike so that it’s closer to a window, clearing away clutter in the room, and surrounding yourself with items that help you stay on track with your goals. If your environment is uplifting, you’ll want to spend more time working out in it.
  • Set up a fan. When paying more attention to your indoor cycling setup, ensure you have a fan to help you when you work up a sweat. Your body won’t be able to perform at its best if you’re hot and uncomfortable, so make sure you invest in a fan. Position it so that it’s aimed at your body and face from below to better circulate the air. 
  • Have some storage space. Your spin cycle session isn’t just about having enough space for you and your bike. You’ll also have other gym essentials that you want to store nearby, such as towel, water bottle, and device if you’re running a training app. These should be on a shelf or desk so that they’re conveniently out of the way and prevent clutter, while also being handy should you need them. You don’t want anything to get in the way of your cycling session! 

Related Questions 

How many calories can you burn on a spin bike?

You can burn between 400 and 600 calories per 45-minute spin class, so that’s a good incentive to start doing spin cycling at home!

Is indoor cycling enough of a workout?

Indoor cycling mainly targets the lower-body muscles, so you should add some upper-body workouts to your routine to ensure you reap full-body benefits


If you want to work out from home but use the energy of a live class to fuel your cycling, you can achieve this with the best online spin classes.

In this article, we’ve featured how to make the most of these classes, whether they’re live or prerecorded, so you can make your home cycling workout much more interesting and motivating to keep you on track with your weight-loss and fitness goals. 


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