Accessories For Your Spin Bike Sessions

11 Essential Spin Bike Accessories


Billy Hughes
August 25, 2021

When you start spin biking, you might love that you have a fantastic bike and breathable cycling shorts, but you also need to get your hands on some important accessories.

These will take your workout to a higher level, while increasing your level of comfort.

From cycling socks to water bottles and bike computers, here’s a rundown of the most essential spin bike accessories. Here’s why they should be on your must-have list. 

11 Essential Spin Bike Accessories – Don’t Leave Home Without Them!



Who said spinning was tough?

Okay, so it can be, but you can reduce the pressure by popping in some earphones. These are great to take your mind off the cycling monotony and enable you to push through the tough parts.

Having powerful tunes in your ears will also give you a burst of energy when you really need it. A study found that listening to motivational music can help you push through exercise fatigue and boost your endurance.

If you’re in a spin class, you’ll want to invest in earphones that are of the on-bone conduction variety. This means they transmit sound through bones in your cheek instead of your ear canal, so they don’t block your ears.

So, you’ll be able to hear sounds in your spin class. One of the best earphones for spin class are the Aeropex by AfterShokz. They offer a higher quality of sound and less vibration when music is played loud. 

Sweat Towel

towel for wiping sweat

You’re going to be working up a sweat during your spin session, so you don’t want to feel uncomfortable because of it. But you also need to ensure you have a towel for your bike.

A towel that can be wrapped around your handlebars and collect sweat that drips down while you’re working out will help to protect the spin bike wheel from moisture and you’ll find it easier to hold the handlebars so that they’re comfortable.

A towel that achieves this is the Drip Spin Bike Sweat Towel. It’s made for spin bikes like Peloton and comes in a variety of colors to suit your mood. As a bonus, you can pop it into the washing machine when you want to clean it.

Cell Phone Mount

While you should be focusing on your spin bike session, the last thing you need is to lose your cell phone or miss an important work message.

Having your phone nearby will ensure you’ll be able to focus more on your spinning because you won’t be thinking about life outside the spin class. You could even use your phone to stream spin classes on your bike, but you’ll need to get your hands on a cell phone mount for your bike. 

The Synby bike phone mount holder is easy to use, thanks to how it has adjustable sidebars so that it will work with phones of different sizes. You can also adjust the angle of the holder so that you can view your screen easily at a glance. 

Chest Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate monitor

Knowing your heart rate during exercise is key to making the most of fat-burning zones. You can also keep an eye on how hard and fast you’re working out so that you know when to pull yourself back, based on your maximum heart rate.

A chest heart rate monitor will be conveniently out of the way while you spin, and it’s more accurate than a wrist heart rate monitor because it’s closer to your heart.

Make sure you choose a chest heart rate monitor that’s got a soft and comfortable strap, and which allows you to sync its data to your fitness apps. To find out more about chest heart rate monitors, read our guide, “Best Heart Rate Monitor For Spin Enthusiasts.”


If you hate the feeling of being hot and sweaty during your spin session at home, you should invest in a fan that clips onto the handlebars of your bike and can be directed onto your face to keep you cool.

One of the best fans to buy is the Amacool battery-operated fan that features three speeds and has flexible legs that can be wrapped around your bike’s handlebars with ease, therefore taking up less space.  

Seat Cover 

Cycling on your spin bike can become uncomfortable, so you’ll want to buy a soft and padded seat cover to take the aches and pains out of your cycling session.

Your seat should be waterproof so that it won’t get damaged from sweat over time and it should be made of gel. This will ensure that the seat can conform to your bottom, keeping you comfortable. It’s also worth looking for a bike seat that’s non-slip so that you can be guaranteed that it will stay put during vigorous cycling sessions.

A good spin bike cover to consider is the LuxoBike exercise bike seat cover that’s designed with a comfortable blend of memory foam and gel. It’s non-slip and really easy to install. It also comes with an extra tightening strap so that you can make it as comfortable and secure as you want.

Water Bottle

Sporty determined blonde training on exercise bike drinking water

You need to stay hydrated when you jump on your spin bike, especially because you can easily lose up to one liter of sweat in just one hour of activity, so make sure you have a water bottle handy.

But not just any water bottle will do. When cycling, you need to have a bottle that’s easy to grip, squeeze, and sip without a hassle. 

One of the best water bottles for spin class and general cycling is the Elite Jet biodegradable bottle. It’s got a rubber nozzle for ease of use and it’s an easy-squeeze bottle that makes it user-friendly to grip.

One of the best things about this bottle is that it makes it easy to manage how much water you drink, so you don’t have to worry about spills. 

Cycling Socks

You’ve made sure to purchase comfortable cycling shoes that enable you to make the most of your spin workouts, but pay some attention to your socks. There are some important features to look for in a pair of cycling socks, such as breathability and that they stay put instead of sliding down during cycling. 

Castelli Fast Feet ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being some of the best cycling socks. They are made with nylon and elastane to keep you comfortable, but interestingly different parts of the sock are made differently.

The foot section is focused on comfort while the upper portion of the sock has Lycra with grooves in it to decrease drag. 


mat on floor

While you might not think you need a mat for your spin bike, this is an essential item. It not only protects your floors at home so that they don’t get scratched by your bike, but it also keeps your bike stable.

There’s nothing worse than cycling on a bike that keeps sliding around. If it feels a bit wasteful to buy a mat that’s only going to be placed underneath your bike and then forgotten about, choose one that’s dual-sided so that it’s smooth on one side and textured on the other. This makes it double up as a yoga mat.

A good mat to buy for your next spin session at home is the CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat. It’s soft, which makes it ideal for use during stretching before and after your workouts. You can easily fold it up and carry it, which is a bonus, and it’s also got a strengthened upper layer so that you can walk on the mat while wearing cleats without damaging it.

Disinfectant Spray

Make sure you have a disinfectant spray handy so that you can give your bike a quick clean after workouts to prevent grime and bacteria from building up and making your bike gnarly to use.

The Honest Company disinfectant spray cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your bike so that it will always look and smell fresh. It’s free of any chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals, so it’s great to protect your equipment without adding harmful toxins to your indoor air. 

Bike Computer

If you’re trying to work towards your fitness and/or weight-loss goals, you’ll want to invest in a bike computer. This device gets attached to your bike so that it provides you with important information during your cycling session.

You can find a variety of the best spin bike computers by reading our guide, “Best Spin Bike Computer: Add Tech To Your Training.

When shopping for a bike computer, you should make sure it offers information pertaining to your speed (current, average, and maximum) and total distance so you can know how far you’re actually cycling.

The CATEYE – Velo 7 Wired Bike Computer offers that and more, including a feature that enables it to automatically stop counting your time and speed if you stop cycling. 

Extras You Might Want To Invest In


Once you’ve got all the essential spin bike accessories, you might want to add a few extra items to your cycling sessions. This is especially the case if you’ve been spinning for a while and really want to take it to the next level. 

  • Dumbbells. If you have a Peloton bike, you’ll know it comes with holsters so that you can attach small dumbbells. These are a great way to get more of an upper-body workout while spinning. Two-pound hand weights are worth buying to maximize your workouts, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money for them. These P.volve+ dumbbells have a non-slip design that makes it easy to grip them during a workout and they don’t carry a high price tag.
  • Training desk. If you’re using a spin bike at home, you might like the idea of being able to fit a desk around your bike so you can use your bike while working your desk job. The Wahoo KICKR training desk can be lowered or raised with a push of a button so that you can work on it while sitting or standing on your bike. It also comes with a neoprene mat that keeps everything in place while you cycle.
  • Organization shelf. If you have lots of spin bike accessories, the last thing you want is to misplace them. Prevent that by buying a workout organization shelf. It’s got storage racks that include hooks, shelves, and message boards so you’ll have everything you need for your next home spin session in one place. It gets mounted to the wall so you don’t have to take up valuable floor space. 

Related Questions 

Why is there a camera on the Peloton bike?

The screen on a Peloton bike has a video camera that’s meant to be used for you to be able to video chat with your friends while cycling. You can disable it.

Should you cycle while wearing padded cycling shorts?

Padded shorts can be useful if you feel uncomfortable on your bike. They create a cushion between the saddle and pressure points in your body to make you feel comfortable while being able to cycle faster and for longer.


You love your spin class, but you know what would make you love it even more?

If you had the right accessories. In this article, we’ve provided you with the basics you need to take your spin class up a notch. We’ve also included a few extras that you might want to splurge on. 

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