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12 Spin Bike Benefits That Will Make You Want To Join A Spin Class


Billy Hughes
August 26, 2021

If you want to start getting fitter and lose a bit of weight, you’ll want to get yourself a spin bike. Or, alternatively, you should join a spin class.

Why is a spin bike a great way to get fit?

Spin bikes have many benefits, such as improving your lower-body fitness and cardiovascular health.

But those are just two spin bike benefits to know about. Read our list of the top reasons why you should start spinning to change your body and boost your health. 

Top 12 Spin Bike Benefits 

You Can Burn A Lot Of Calories

Bicycle spinning with personal trainer

While exercises like running are said to be the best to burn more calories, you can torch many calories on a spin bike in a short amount of time.

Generally, an hour on a spin bike can burn between 400 and 600 calories! That’s pretty amazing if you consider that you should eliminate about 500 calories per day in order to lose a pound of fat per week.

You Improve Your Cardio Health

Cycling is considered to be a cardiovascular workout because it strengthens your heart, muscles, and lungs. It also improves how well blood and oxygen can circulate through the body.

This actually comes with many other benefits, which include improved sleep, lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, increased energy, and a stronger immune system.

Spin Biking Is Low-Impact Exercise

How Are Spin Classes Structured?

When people hear that using a spin bike is considered to be low-impact exercise, sometimes this term can be confusing. After all, spin sessions can be really tough to get through, as you know if you’ve ever tried one.

But, what low-impact means is that it’s gentle on your body. It doesn’t put a lot of stress on your joints and bones, as a result of how your feet don’t come off the pedals of your stationary bike.

That said, don’t think you won’t get a challenging workout!

It Improves Your Joints

Spin classes don’t just protect your joints because spinning is low-impact exercise, but they also help you to keep your joints lubricated throughout the day.

This is because of the repetitive motion that your legs will do when you spin. This movement helps your legs produce synovial fluids, therefore boosting your body’s joint function.

It Boosts Your Lower-Body Muscles

Spin biking is focused on training your lower-body muscles. These include your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

Cycling on a spin bike regularly can help to improve strength in your lower body, and this is especially the case if you cycle on higher levels of resistance.

What’s especially great about spin biking as compared to other types of stationary bikes is that you can also get an upper-body workout for your arms, shoulders, and back by standing up during cycling sessions.

It’s Safer Than Cycling On The Road

spin bike is more safe than road bike

While outdoor cycling has many benefits, such as lowering your stress levels after a busy day by helping you immerse yourself in nature, it comes with a higher risk of injury.

You could fall off your bike on the road or get knocked down by a car in traffic. Although spin biking does carry a risk of injury, such as from overuse of muscles, it is generally safer than cycling on a road or mountain bike.

You’ll Feel Like You’re On A Road Bike 

While using a spin bike is safer than riding a bike on the road, a spin bike is easy to use because of how it’s designed in a similar way to a road bike.

Both types of bikes have narrow seats and put you in the same position: you lean further towards the handles as compared to using a regular exercise bike or upright bike. 

What’s great about starting to use a spin bike is that, since it’s so similar in design to a regular road bike, you’ll be able to adapt to it quickly. Pretty much everyone has experience with riding a bike, so anyone can get on a spin bike.

You Can Adjust The Bike To Your Needs

adjust spin bike height

While you’ll be able to adjust all types of stationary exercise bikes, a spin bike offers a wider range of seat height and handlebar adjustments as compared to other bikes.

This means you can take the time to adjust your bike so that it’s perfect for you and allows you to be comfortable while cycling.

You Can Choose To Be Social Or Not

You don’t have to be limited to using a spin bike in a gym. You can purchase a spin bike to enjoy indoor cycling at home.

In this setting, you can choose to ride solo every day or you can use fitness apps to live stream classes and connect with fellow cyclists. In the setting of a spin class, you will love the sense of community that occurs – and it’s particularly useful when you reach a tough spot in your spin workout.

But, basically, you get to enjoy spin cycling in the way you want it, so it’s perfect for introverts and extroverts. 

Spin Classes Will Make You Feel Amped

We’ve mentioned that spin classes give you a sense of community while you work out, but you’ll also love that they offer helpful guidance from your instructors and usually provide energetic music to help you stay motivated throughout your cycling session.

This is especially useful to help you get through the rough parts of the class when you increase your resistance. There’s a great energy in spin class that will keep you positive!

You can mimic this optimism and energy at home, such as by streaming classes or playing loud music in your home gym. 

You’re In Control Of Your Workout

workout with dumbells and spin bike

Whether you choose to exercise on a spin bike in the comfort of your home or in a spin class setting, you’ll be in charge of how fast and vigorous you want the spin session to be.

Even if you’re in a spin class and the instructor is telling you what speed and resistance to choose, you can listen to your body (and you should!) to choose the most comfortable setting.

This is important to ensure that you pace yourself so that you don’t overdo it.

You Can Build Muscle

While you might think that spinning won’t help you to build muscles, this is incorrect. Spin biking builds strength in your muscle without the additional bulk.

When you are able to perfect your form on the spin bike, you’ll use your legs, arms, and core. A pro tip is to tuck your core up and in, let your glutes stick out towards the back of the bike saddle, and pop your chest.

When you do this, you’ll be able to drive your weight in your heels so you can give your glutes and hamstrings an excellent workout. Your core will also be activated to assist in every movement. 

How To Get Started With Spin Cycling 

starting Spin Class

Before you attend a spin class or work out at home, you need to ensure you’re dressed for the task and ready for it!

Here are some important tips.

  • Get dressed in moisture-wicking clothing as you’re sure to sweat a lot during your spin class. Breathable, light clothing is important. 
  • Don’t skimp on cycling shorts! You will need these to ensure that you will be comfortable on the bike. 
  • Bring your own towel. You’re going to need one to wipe your face during the session so that sweating a lot doesn’t get in the way of your cycling. 
  • Have a water bottle handy. You can lose up to a liter of water from one spin session, so ensure you drink water throughout your session to prevent you from getting dehydrated. 
  • Protect your hands. Spin cycling can be vigorous so you want to ensure you’re wearing cycling gloves. These are padded to protect your hands and prevent pressure from being placed on the nerves in them that can lead to tingling and numbness.
  • Get to class early. If you’re not spin biking at home but in a class, make sure you get there 10 minutes early. This will give you the chance to choose the bike you want and adjust its seat and handlebars so that you’ll be able to use it with the correct form. 
  • Wear spin cycling shoes. These enable you to clip into the pedals of your bike, so they’re an essential item to buy. While it might feel intimidating to use them during class, don’t worry – it gets easier to clip and unclip once you practice a bit. Here’s what to do: slot the front part of the cleat in, then push down until you hear it click. Then, to unclip, you’ll have to push your heels out to the side. You might be wondering if being clipped in is really necessary, but it is. This is not just because it will help you to work out comfortably and reach the speed you want, but it will allow you to have an efficient pedal stroke so that your glutes and hamstrings get more of a workout. 
  • Control your cycling session. While you might want to follow what your instructor says, you should never push yourself too hard if you’re not used to spinning or haven’t exercised in a while. This can risk fatigue and injury. 
  • Eat smart. Make sure you don’t eat for a couple of hours beforehand otherwise you might feel nauseous. After your spin class, eat a snack within half an hour, such as a banana, to help you fuel up. And, as mentioned earlier, keep hydration at bay by drinking lots of water before, during, and after the session. 

How Are Spin Classes Structured?

energy level on spin class

There are different types of spin classes, but they usually follow the same format: a warm-up session, followed by the main body of the class, then a cooling-down session and stretching session.

Some examples of spin classes include the following: 

  • All-terrain spin classes, which is when you make use of cycling on flat and hilly terrain. This type of class is focused on balanced intensity. 
  • Orientation spin classes, which are ideal for beginners. 
  • Recovery spin classes, which occur after high-intensity interval classes or race days to enable you to recover. You’ll find this type of class has a lower intensity and resistance as its focus. 

Related Questions

How long will it be before you see results from spinning?

You should start with two spin sessions per week and then go up to three sessions or more. After two weeks of taking three or four classes a week, you’ll start to see results from all your efforts.

Should your spin cycle shorts be padded?

If you’re going to be cycling for longer than an hour or you feel that spinning is uncomfortable, then you should invest in quality padded shorts.

Is it bad to bounce on a spin bike?

You should never bounce on your spin bike, whether you’re standing up or sitting down. Doing this can put more stress on your knees and reduce the effectiveness of your workout. 


If you want to start spinning, whether on your bike at home or in a class setting, there are many good reasons to do so.

In this article, we’ve looked at the top spin bike benefits to help you get fit in a fast-paced and fun way.

We’ve also provided you with a short guide on how to get started with spinning, whether you’re joining a spin class or working out on your own at home.


Billy Hughes

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